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January 08 2018


FIFA Mobile - What You Need to Know About the User ID

The User ID is a number uniquely assigned to a FIFA Mobile account that is needed for support purposes. There are several ways to find in the app. 

Each FIFA Mobile account has a unique number associated with it. This is called the user ID. Players don't need to worry too much about it as there is nothing they can use it for in the game. The user ID is needed when contacting the support team. This number is needed to identify and solve the issues. In some cases, players cannot get help from the support team if they don't have their user ID. So, it's a good idea to find it and have it written down or saved somewhere. There are two ways to retrieve the user ID. 

Players need to be in the Home screen. This is the first shown screen when the app starts so if players are starting the game they will be automatically taken to the Home screen. Players that are in another screen or menu, can use the Home button in the right upper corner of the interface to navigate to this screen. Next they have to open the Settings menu. This is done by tapping the Settings button (it's the one that looks like a cogwheel) from the side panel. It's the same panel that contains Inbox, Market, Activities, and Trophies. Once players are in the Settings screen, they must locate the option called Credits/ FIFA Mobile coins. There will be a View button next to it. Players need to tap it. This will open the credits screen. Players will scroll to the end of the screen where they will find their user ID. The other method to get the user ID is available only when the game app cannot be loaded. In this case, the user ID is shown on the screen. There will be a window called Connection Timeout with the following message “Sorry, we were unable to communicate with our servers. Please try again.”. The user ID is displayed right below this message. If players have connection issues, they should first check their connection and the state of the game before submitting a ticket. Normally, it is announced on Twitter when the servers are down and when the game is under maintenance.  

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